How do we get redistricting reform done?

Redistricting reform is NOT easy,

but protecting our democracy is worth the effort!  

In some states, citizens can collect signatures to put a law or constitutional amendment right on the ballot for voters' approval. That's not an option under our constitution. 

In North Carolina, the path to redistricting reform runs through the legislature, either as an ordinary bill or a constitutional amendment. 

The process has already begun. Legislators have introduced several reform bills. None of these bills is perfect, but they include a lot of good ideas.  

The NC House met Oct. 24 for a preliminary discussion of several of the bills--the first time this has happened in a decade! Chairman Lewis expressed willingness to begin formal consideration of these bills with the aim of adopting reform before the next redrawing! This is a huge step forward. The legislature comes back January 14. Sign up to help us reach more voters with the reform message. Endorse the 5 principles for reasonable redistricting reform as an individual and recruit organizations to join Fair Districts NC by endorsing them. 

Once bills are heard in committee, good ideas could be made better and problem areas could be fixed. But first the committees have to take up the bills! 

Learn more about the bills introduced this session here

These bills are much more likely to be heard if legislators know that their voters support redistricting reform.  

So that's our top priority:  educating voters across the state about why citizens, not politicians, should draw the districts and how a citizens' commission would work.

Once NC voters understand that whoever is in charge of the legislature will draw maps to benefit their party if they can (as we've just seen in the court-ordered redrawing), they will understand that redistricting reform is not a Democratic issue nor a Republican issue, it's an American issue.

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we, the voters, must act to end gerrymandering and how, together, WE CAN GET IT DONE!