Contact your Representative

Help the League of Women Voters of NC send a clear message to YOUR legislators in Raleigh to support fair districting policies.  Let them know you believe fair districts are essential for fair elections and you expect them to fight for them.


Contacting your state legislators is one of the most effective ways to help our cause. We recommend phone calls, in-person visits, or printed letters—email doesn’t have as great an impact. Other things to keep in mind:

  • Prepare to give your name and where you live.Lawmakers only want to talk to their constituents.

  • Remember this is a bipartisan effort. Regardless of your affiliation, contact members of both parties.

  • Be specific. Ask your legislator to support an independent citizens redistricting commission.

  • Tell a local story. Is your city or township fractured across districts? Is your district stretched so wide lawmakers and constituents can’t easily meet each other? Make your case specific to your legislator’s community.

  • Be polite. Regardless of their positions, thank them for their time.